Thursday, June 17, 2010

Yellow, Black and White

Ok, so they are the colors of a bumblebee...I get it. But when done right, these colors can be oh so fabulous. Use them as accents, to get yourself comfortable with the idea, and notice what a difference they make in your room!

This room is so incredibly CHIC! If only I had high ceilings with those wonderful pocket doors. However, this look would be more than feasible in any space because the scale of the furniture is not gigantic. I would tone down the rug, though, in a smaller space because it has the ability to overwhelm. Even so, it is such a fabulous statement.

What a fun powder room! It's feminine and gutsy. (Two words I would love for someone to use to describe me!)
{Coastal Living}

This chair from Lexington would bring in the color scheme to your room without being too harsh. I love the addition of gray--it really softens it.

I love that this bedroom has the shabby chic, Nantucket-ish vaulted ceilings mixed with super modern ottoman and furniture. It really softens the look. I'd kill for those lamps, too.
{Apartment Therapy}

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