Monday, June 14, 2010

Soft and Lovely Dining Rooms

In the past, Dining rooms have had the reputation of being so formal-so much fringe, velvet and heavy, antique furniture. These days, though, the trend is to make the dining room a bit of a haven. Soft pastels replace jewel tones and shabby chic cream French chairs replace cherry Chippendales. I'm loving it...especially on a hot day like today. Take a breath and enjoy!

This room really demonstrates how pastels and white can really make a room appear much more airy. It is a tiny space-you can see the staircase falls into the dining space-but the white furniture, puddled linen drapes and white accessories open it up. The result is truly lovely.
{Country Homes and Interiors}

This dining room is so ethereal and feminine-the pale pink walls, the billowy drapes, the vintage caned back chairs. Magnifique!

This one has such lovely formal elements-the chandelier, the mural, the column-but it looks so livable thanks to the sisal rug and distressed furniture.
{LADC Design}

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