Friday, June 25, 2010

Love on Lindell

I have never met Amie Corley, but I think I love her. She took one of those drool-worthy homes on Lindell and made it colorful and fun, but ultra-chic and sophisticated. What a job that must have been! If you have never been in one of those homes, let me tell you, Amie is to be commended. While the architecture is truly awe-inspiring, I can only imagine that decorating one must be a challenge to say the least. The rooms can be either cavernous or miniscule, therefore creating a space issue that is beyond difficult. Amie, being the smart and talented woman that she is, managed to use these to her advantage and create a space that is at once posh and intimate with a hint of whimsy. Bravo, Amie, Bravo!

This is the picture I saw that made me absolutely fall in LOVE with Amie's house. I so admire people people who aren't afraid of color. According to the article, Amie loved the aqua at the Ritz in Paris and emulated it in her own home. The chartreuse chairs with the aqua and cream is so lovely. This room is chic without being stuffy, comfortable without being messy.
{St. Louis Magazine At Home}

I would like to sit on this and have my portrait done in a black Valentino. Oh, I would be a vision!

This fabulous distressed buffet is a wonderful shape. I adore the black against the pale pink.
{Alive Magazine}

These orange chairs are so FUN! The traditional shape mixed with the bright, modern pattern is a perfect combo. The modern artwork in the background adds a serious splash of color.
{Alive Magazine}

I've never seen a little boy's room as chic as this! It's great for a little one but has so many wonderful design elements that will make adults jealous.
{Elle Decor}

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