Thursday, June 10, 2010

So "Now:" Turquoise

Turquoise was my favorite color when I was in 3rd grade. I think I just liked the word "Turquoise" because it had a "Q" in it. Now, in my old age I can appreciate it for other reasons. It can be dramatic, wistful, chic, contemporary, traditional, cottagey, (is that a word?), beachy, you name it. It was named the "Color of the Year" by Sherwin Williams this year and I can certainly understand why. Look through these pictures and get some inspiration on how to incorporate it into your decor.

I started with this photograph because it is SO incredibly bold and yet it is still soft and lovely. Turquoise and orange has become a popular combination and for good reason. Not only are these colors complimentary (right across from each other on the color wheel, i might add), they are bright and fun and when used correctly, can make the most mundane interior feel like a breath of fresh air.
{Designed by Kendall Williamson}

This is just fabulous. Turquoise, pink, black and white is a truly wonderful combination.
{Fashionable Interiors/Judith Balis}

I used this as the inspiration for the living room in my apartment. I love everything about it. Again we see the combination of pink, black and white. The pale turquoise behind the black and white fashion photographs is stunning. I also love the ornate white desk. It softens the stark black and whites. The pop of pink is lovely as well.

To create a similar look, search for vintage school chairs and paint them a bright shade of red. You could achieve the same look with some mismatched chairs painted the same color. It's a fun way to do shabby chic.

A cute accent piece for a punch of turquoise. I'd love to see a red or chocolate brown wall behind it. Available at Lexington!

Love the softness of this room designed by Dan Barsanti.

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  1. its nice to see my room I decorated photo on your site. I sure would like to know how you .....say its yours. these photos are in my possession and would like to know how you are claiming it?
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