Friday, May 21, 2010

Dreamy bedrooms

This is from one of my most favorite blogs, Absolutely beautiful things. Everything about it makes me swoon...the wallpaper is classic and mixed with the geometric rug, it is truly fabulous! And any girl who displays her purse and books proudly is wonderful in my book.
How clever mixing the more modern painted stripes with that traditional floral wallpaper...

How fun is this?!?!

Oh how I love this bedroom. I love the girly pink mixed with the straight edges in crisp white. Even the computer looks pretty.

This bedding WILL be in my bedroom. Mark my words. It's so fresh and yet so luxe.

Oh so chic!!

Love the freshness of this one...reminds me of Cape Cod.

Love the fabulous details in this bedroom. Pink is my favorite but here it isn't too girly. Love!

All this talk about bedrooms is making me sleepy...and ready to redecorate...

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  1. Gorgeous collection of bedrooms! Makes me want to curl up under the covers! x