Monday, July 12, 2010

Cottage Chic

I recently decided that my "decorating style" fits rather perfectly into that of the Cottage Style. While I think it is hard to put one's self into such a neat little box, it is important to know what style speaks to you. That way, it is less difficult to divert from it. Once you know your style, you can use its basic principles and then add your own flair. I enjoy how cozy and delightfully disheveled the Cottage Style can be. I am not the most neat person, therefore the Cottage Style really fits my personality and way of life!

I love this room! It really demonstrates that cottage doesn't have to be so informal. You can bring in some distinctive, ornate pieces and really dress up the space.
{Apartment 46}

Now this is my kind of cottage. The slipcover chairs and sofa are so classic cottage but the designer has chosen to bring in more modern elements to balance the room. The tall trees and the more modern shapes of the furniture really give it an updated look while still embracing the coziness of a traditional cottage.
{Our Suburban Cottage}

I like how the following two used a similar beige and cream toile on the windows. It's a nice contrast to the blue-green walls. Panels are so classic and really bring a cozy element to a room, while a Roman shade is much more casual and allows for a lot of light. I like how the first one brings in more masculine elements--the distressed leather chairs and wood ceilings--while the other one is much more feminine--the wicker table, lighter wall color.

{Cottage Living}

{Home Decor Exchange}

Happy Monday!

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